Can't remember our lives, before we started making things!

Ours is the story of a Greek couple, that stumbled into the art process and never looked back again.

Andreas started his potting career with an acclaimed Greek ceramist in the early eighties.
I started a little later, working in a pottery studio, part time only.
I also had a teaching job at the time, that lasted till the mid nineties.
Then the crafts 'absorbed' me completely.

In our first pottery shop, in the late eighties, we always designed and made lots of decorative items, jewellery, lucky charms, key chains, etc, other than our main line of functional and decorative ceramics.
It kept us busy in the quiet hours and we came to greatly enjoy being involved in such fun.
In a matter of a few minutes an agate necklace would materialise
or a bunch of colourful keychains and so much more.

Being tied up with many projects sometimes leaves too little time for actual production, so we asked some of our favourite Greek artists and friends to collaborate in this shop with us.
We work together in pottery, folk art, jewellry, etc.This way, we have more variety to offer and they get out to a broader audience.Here is who they are:

Right now we try to combine our time to still create and cater for all our Etsy shops.
Etsy opened up amazing, new horizons for us, both in the market place and its community.This collective shop reflects our favourite arts and endeavours.

Last, but not least, we have started stocking some amazing vintage pieces in Greek folk art, old toys, etc, that we are really excited to include in our collection.

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